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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization otherwise called SEO is one of the most talked about concept when it comes to attracting visitors on a website. If you are looking for a credible SEO company offering trustworthy SEO services then you have come to the right place. CheapOseo is here to serve you with the best SEO techniques to make your website standout.

What is SEO?

Before moving to on page SEO and Off Page SEO, keyword ranking, and other related concepts, it is important to have a brief look at what is SEO. You might have heard or read the term Authoritative page; which means the page or website which has high Google ranking. And Google awards higher rankings to the pages or websites which contain legitimate, engaging, relevant and interesting content. The concept is fairly simple but people get confused due to the tricky explanations from ordinary SEO consultants.

A legitimate SEO specialist will never confuse you with complex terminologies and theories. The simple thing is that the whole game is about taking your website to the first page on the google search engine. For this purpose, Google ranks the pages on the basis of legitimacy, relevance, credibility and most importantly the traffic (visitor’s interest).

Useful Content

Talking about most of the SEO services, the content quality is not up to the mark for various reasons. The first is that they hire inexperienced or non-native writers for English content and it altogether disturbs the writing impression. The readers don’t take interests, believe it or not, but it’s the truth. Secondly, cheap SEO services mainly look to hire the least expensive content writers and graphic designers. They mostly tend to look for the part-time freelancing adventurers.

The whole SEO campaign depends on the usefulness of the content because if the content is useful and interesting, more importantly, factual and legitimate, people would love to share it via social media or refer the link to your page to let others know what they found useful.  It is a tough ask to find the best SEO services in Pakistan who understand the importance of usefulness of the content. We suggest you visit cheapOseo; a leading SEO company. It’s the best choice if you are looking for a credible SEO agency featuring affordable SEO plans.

SEO Strategies

Among the most powerful SEO strategies, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO stand out. Let’s have a look at the main features of these two variations.

On-Page SEO

On-Site SEO or On-Page SEO is two different terms used for the same concept. The success level of this technique determines search engine ranking of your page. Some important factors which determine the On-Site SEO success are:


  • Title Tags

Including the main keywords in the title tags


  • H1 Headings

Headings carry slightly more weight than the rest of the content on the page and the search engine looks for the relevant headings so don’t forget to include the keywords in the headings


  • URL

Don’t forget to include keywords in URLs. It’s not mandatory but effective


  • ALT Text

Professional SEO experts make full use of Alt Text feature. Most of the people don’t even know its importance. It allows you add description to the picture to help the blind visitors and believe it or not, search engines also use the alt text to determine the relevance of the picture

Other factors include the speed of loading the website, the quality of the content on the page, the use of internal links to let visitors easily reach the relevant pages on the website. All these factors combine to let the search engine know what your page or website is about and how much is the content relevant. CheapOseo is your destination to make your website successful trough On-Page SEO.

Off-Page SEO

Remember that the search give more weight to authoritative websites. If you are looking to make your website authoritative, you’ll be going to work on Off-Page SEO which mainly focuses on getting links from authority websites. Here you need to be careful not to entertain every link which comes to you. You need to sort things on the basis of quality and relevance. You can’t let low-quality content or page to link to your website because it could trigger negative results and ruin your SEO campaign. Most of the cheap SEO packages trick the clients by purchasing scores and hundreds of cheap links with low-quality content just to show that your website is getting links.

  • Domain Authority

This score shows how much authoritative is your website. More quality links mean higher domain authority


  • Social Media

Social Media plays a vital role in this regard these days. When people like your content they share it and it leads to generate more links

A couple of years back, link quantity was more important and most of the local SEO services relied on increasing the number of links while compromising on the link quality. Things have changed over the years or maybe the fact is that the SEO experts have now realized that link quality is more important rather than saturating the content with links.

Buying Links from Authority Sites

Off-Page SEO aims at improving the ranking of your website but let us not forget about the latest developments in this regard. Earlier, even the best SEO companies thought that buying links from authority sites was moral and legal. But the latest developments in Google policies have made it clear that the practice of buying links is not only immoral but it is also illegal and now Google has started to penalize the pages which show any signs of offense.

In short, buying links from authority site is immoral and against Google’s terms. Now the question rises how Google determines whether you bought the links or they are genuine?

Google has maintained a catalogue of the websites which practiced link selling and this catalogue is updated continuously so you need to be careful about this issue. If Google notices the frequent use of links from a malicious website, you’ll have to face trouble. It could end in a total waste of time, money and effort.

The moral of the discussion is that quality once again prevails and quantity has revealed its drawbacks. Generally, in every walk of life, quantity is short-lived and quality happens to dictate the terms in the end.

On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO Comparison

Often people want to know which is better among these couple of strategies and some SEO specialists fail to understand the simple thing that it is not fair to compare these distinct concepts because both are completely different from each other; not only that the application of the concepts differs but the objectives of these strategies are also different. So, primarily there is no reason for trying to make a choice in this regard. You need to work on both strategies and play smart.

Initially, new website requires focus on On-Page SEO. If you want to swim in a pool, first you need to make sure if there is clean water. Same is the case here; you need to make sure that before getting links from authority sites, you need to have your websites filled with quality content. In other words, you need to wait for the proper time and circumstances. First, you need to work on the content on the page, try to maintain exceptional. Don’t rely on non professional content developers for if the content loses its usefulness or is not up to the mark, visitors will not come back to your website. Initially, the focus needs to be on retaining the existing visitors with consistent provision of useful content.

Once your website is filled with sufficient content, you can now start to shift your focus on getting links and page shares to improve the domain authority of your website. But even at this stage, you can’t afford to disappoint your visitors by losing concentration on the continuous provision of new and updated content.

Relevance of the Website Content

The content needs to be fully relevant to the type or field of your website so that it interests the visitors. If the content is not relevant, your visitors will not return to the page. The importance of the content differs for different types of individuals. You need to focus on what interests your visitors rather than imposing your preferences. If you run a website which is about the sale and purchase of the used cars and you constantly update the content about the new cars, your visitors won’t take interest because they reach your page in an anticipation of finding information about used cars but what they find on your website is the information about new cars which they don’t require.

If you are looking for top quality SEO services with affordable package then feel free to visit cheapOseo and forget about the efforts to make your website successful because are here to take care of everything that counts.


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